What’s it all about?

Ah what’s this? A big cardboard box has arrived at the Clubhouse for Duggee. The Squirrels are interested in the big parcel and are keen to find out what’s inside. Oh it’s just some envelopes. Boring! But the box is fun to play with and Duggee has a cupboard full of them. Yay!

Time for some folding, building, painting and stacking fun. But wait! Someone’s taken over their cardboard box castle. It’s those Naughty Mice! The Squirrels disguise themselves as a big piece of Trojan cheese and storm the castle.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Squirrels are playing with cardboard boxes
  • They make a cardboard box castle!
  • The Squirrels all pretend to be knights
  • The Naughty Mice are causing mischief in the cardboard castle

Excuse me, Naughty Mice, I think you’ll find that’s our castle“



WHAT Can You Do with a Cardboard Box?

There’s lots you can do with an empty cardboard box! Pretend it’s a car, cut holes in it and pretend you’re a robot, stack them on top of each other to make a tower! How many other ideas can you come up with?


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