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Tag is a gentle and kind rhinoceros who is a little bit clumsy. Tag is very good at making friends, and loves all his friends at Squirrel Club very much. He’s always in a good mood and wants other people to share the fun too! He always throws himself into whatever the Squirrels and Duggee are doing with enthusiasm. Tag often trips and bumps into things but luckily he has thick rhino skin so doesn’t get hurt too often.

Laughing, dinosaurs, caterpillar, Duggee Hugs, apples, leaves, Eton Mess (that’s meringue, cream and strawberries – yum!)

Olives, falling over

Sounds like

I know what my philosophy is, I want to help people.“

Tag, The Philosophy Badge


Full name:





Tag’s House


Squirrel Club Member

Alter egos:

Super Tag, Space Wizard

Related characters:

Tag’s Mum, Tag’s Gran

Tag’s First Day at Squirrel Club

Tag was great at discovering new things, and everyone wanted to join in with him – but Duggee was always having to chase after Tag to make sure he was safe! Tag learnt that listening is important as it can keep you safe.

S4 E7 Tag’s First Day


Tag’s Super Squirrel name is Super Tag. Super Tag can fly (with a little help from Duggee…)
His super costume includes a sock hat, cape and gold belt!

S1 E6 – The Super Squirrel Badge

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