Isn’t it time for…

Happy is a cheerful, clever crocodile who is very interested in the world around him…especially water. He loves being part of Squirrel Club. Happy was adopted by a family of elephants who love him very much. It’s hard not to love Happy, he’s very charming. Happy is a little bit obsessed with his older cousin Eric and talks about him a lot. Happy loves splashing in water. It’s his favourite thing to do.

Water, pancakes, talking to plants, beatboxing, Duggee Hugs

Smelly old puddles he can’t splash in

Sounds like


Happy, The Hair Badge


Full name:





Happy’s House


Squirrel Club Member

Alter egos:

SPLASH, Captain Happy

Related characters:

Happy’s Mum, Happy’s Gran, Cousin Eric

Happy’s First Day At Squirrel CLub

Happy’s love of water all began at Squirrel Club! When Happy first came to Squirrel Club he was terrified of water – and everywhere he looked, there was water. Norrie and Roly showed him water isn’t scary!

S4 E5 Happy’s First Day

Super Squirrel Squad

Happy’s Super Squirrel name is Splash. Splash uses his super splash to clear puddles out of the way! He has a stripe cape and a special snorkel.

S1 E6 – The Super Squirrel Badge

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