Isn’t it time for…

Roly is a small hippopotamus with a very loud voice. Roly is a fizzing ball of energy and enthusiasm. Sometimes he gets a bit over excited and shouts very loudly, scaring away birds and Enid the cat.
But he has also learnt how to be gentle and quiet too. Roly has heaps of energy and likes running around and digging holes in the ground which gets him very dirty.

Likes: Potatoes, rocks, birds, Duggee Hugs, sand, being noisy

Dislikes: Being quiet, pizza toppings

Sounds like:

Roly’s First Day at Squirrel Club

When Roly first came to Squirrel Club he wasn’t loud at all. In fact he was very quiet and very shy! See how Roly finds his confidence to be the loud Squirrel we all know and love in S4 E1 Roly’s First Day

S4 E3 Roly’s First Day

Super Squirrel Squad

Roly’s Super Squirrel name is Steven. Steven uses his Super Shout to get attention. His costume includes blue and yellow underpants and a colander for a helmet!

check it out!

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