Create your very own shoebox theatre for your little Squirrel to host their very own puppet show and earn their theatre badge!

You will need:

Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with scissors and small pieces


1. Using a craft knife carefully cut out a rectangular window from the lid of the shoebox.

2. Cut four strips of orange card, to the dimensions of your shoebox, and glue to the front of the lid.

3. Glue pieces of blue and green coloured card to the back of the shoebox, making the sky and grass background.

4. Using the template provided cut out all the scene details.

5. Glue the scene pieces to the background and inside the lid as shown.

6. Using the craft knife carefully cut a rectangular strip out from the base of the shoebox.

7. From the template provided cut out Duggee and all the members of the Squirrel Club.

8. Sandwich the characters around the kitchen skewers to make your puppets.

9. Finally glue a length of ribbon to each side of the box to make a strap for hanging on a wall, or to create a mobile theatre around your child’s shoulders.

10. Optional: roll a piece of card and glue to the sides of the box, making hoops to hang your puppets, and keep them safe and organised for the show.


Have fun setting the scene and acting out all your favourite Hey Duggee adventures with Duggee and the Squirrel Club.