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Duggee is a fun-loving friendly brown dog who runs the Squirrel Club. He looks after the Squirrels when their parents drop them off at the Clubhouse. Duggee knows about lots of different things, from drawing and making jam to philosophy and space and has lots of badges to prove it. Duggee communicates through barking ‘ah-woof’ noises which only those around him can understand. Each episode he teaches the Squirrels new skills so they can earn their very own badges. At the end of each day at the Clubhouse, Duggee gives the Squirrels their badges and there’s always time for one more thing…a Duggee Hug.

The Squirrels, hugs, dressing up, tea, skipping, bones, badges, adventures, jam

Snorkeling, opera, hurling, purling, whirling

Sounds like

Ah-woof ah-woof ah-woof!“

Duggee, The Story Badge

Designing Duggee

We sat down with the creator of the show, Grant Orchard and asked him a couple of questions about Hey Duggee!

Did you know? Duggee was originally going to be named Chop Chop!


Feature song: Duggee on the dance floor

Step to the left and jump to the beat, clap your hands and shuffle your feet with Duggee on the dance floor.

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Meet the Voice Actor

Sander Jones is not only the Series Director for Hey Duggee, he also voices lots of favourite characters including Duggee himself!

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