isn’t it time for…

Norrie is a sweet-natured, fun-loving mouse, who loves dancing, playing and having fun! She’s very bright, curious, chatty and giggly and doesn’t like to sit still for too long! Norrie is the eldest of 72 brothers and sisters! Coming to Squirrel Club is a welcome break from all the chaos at home. She has a pet Venus Flytrap plant.

Dancing, singing, skipping, playing, Duggee Hugs, honey, carnations, chestnuts, animals, fresh fruit, martial arts, Christmas curry


Sounds like

I love Tuesday’s too, because it’s fresh fruit and martial arts day.“

Norrie, The Days of the Week Badge


Norrie is a Deer Mouse which is a lot larger than your typical house mouse or field mouse. Also she ate her greens when she was younger, which, as Hennie knows, helps you to grow.

Norrie’s first day at Squirrel Club

Norrie was the first to arrive at Squirrel Club! Norrie has 72 other siblings so when she first came to Squirrel Club she quite liked the silence. She soon got lonely though and befriended lots of the animals at the Clubhouse, especially Enid.

S4 E1 Norrie’s first day

Super Squirrel Squad

Norrie’s Super Squirrel name is Mega Mouse. Mega Mouse has super hearing! She has a yellow star in one ear to match her yellow cape and boots.

S1 E6 The Super Squirrel Badge

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