Cardboard box clubhouse

Turn an empty cardboard box into a cool Duggee clubhouse!



  1. large cardboard box
  2. coloured paper (deep red, bright red, orange, yellow)
  3. pen/marker
  4. scissors or craft knife
  5. ruler
  6. quick drying glue
  7. strong sticky tape
  8. clear acetate/plastic film for windows

Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with scissors and small pieces


  1. Lay the box flat. Draw a door, two small rectangular windows above the door and a window on either side.
  2. Cut out the window shapes and when cutting the door cut along the top and one side only.
  3. Stand  the  box  up  with  flaps  open  to  give  the  house  more height and join the flap edges together with strong tape.
  4. Lie the box on its side. Angle  the  two  long flaps inwards to make a pitched roof and trace the shape onto the smaller side  flaps. Cut along the lines.
  5. Cut away the long flap on the back of the box, to let fresh air in and allow the clubhouse occupant to peek up and out 🙂
  6. Now tape the roof together with strong tape.
  7. If you’re feeling energetic you can cut cardboard tiles using the template provided and cover with coloured paper. The chunky cardboard tiles give lovely depth to the roof. OR Just cut coloured paper tiles using the template provided and glue directly to the roof.
  8. Glue and overlap the tiles to the roof, starting with the lower row first.
  9. Glue deep red coloured paper to the door.
  10. Cut four long strips of the brighter red paper and glue to the door as shown.
  11. Cut out all the accessory details from the templates provided and glue to the house.
  12. Cut out the window panes and glue clear acetate to the inside. Then glue to the house over the window shapes cut in step 2.