• Duggee

    A friendly brown dog, Duggee is also the leader of the Squirrels, and is responsible for organising their activities, and making sure everyone’s having fun!

    Key Facts

    • Duggee has more badges than anyone! Over 104 at the last count!
    • Duggee can dance, sing, paint cook, and many other things. He’s a very talented dog!
    • More than anything, Duggee likes a great big… DUGGEE HUG!

  • Betty

    Betty is a purple octopus. She is very clever and likes science, and reading, and reading about science. She’s vary talkative and always has something to say!

    Key Facts

    • Betty’s dad drives a submarine, and used it to help the Squirrels get their submarine badge.
    • Betty likes to think things through. On the assault course, she learned from everyone else’s mistakes!
    • Betty sometimes imagines she’s a superhero and the other Squirrels are her sidekicks.

  • Happy

    Happy by name, happy by nature! Happy is a cheerful, clever crocodile who is very interested in the world around him. He loves being part of Squirrel club and he also loves… water!

    Key Facts

    • Happy is very enthusiastic about things, but this also means he can be very forgetful.
    • Happy loves water. His very favourite thing is puddles to splash about in.
    • Happy likes music too, and is very good at beatboxing!

  • Norrie

    Norrie is a sweet-natured, fun-loving mouse, who loves dancing, playing and having fun! She’s very bright and curious, and doesn’t like to sit still for too long!

    Key Facts

    • Norrie has a lot of brothers and sisters. Fortunately for her, they don’t go to Squirrel Club.
    • Norrie loves to dance, and dances whenever she can. She even danced in the Big Parade!
    • As well as dancing, Norrie also plays the recorder, and practices it a lot at home.

  • Roly

    A small hippopotamus with a very loud voice, Roly is a fizzing ball of energy and enthusiasm. He loves shouting and being noisy, but he can also be gentle and quiet.

    Key Facts

    • Roly isn’t a natural birdwatcher, as he likes to shout “BIRD!” at any bird he sees.
    • When the Squirrels played at being superheroes, Roly’s superhero name was “Steven”.
    • Unlike his friends, Roly isn’t scared of thunder. But he is scared of the dark.

  • Tag

    A gentle and kind rhinoceros, Tag is very good at making friends, and loves all his friends at Squirrel Club very much. He’s always in a good mood and wants other people to share the fun too!

    Key Facts

    • Tag has a collection of things that remind him of all of the Squirrels – and Duggee!
    • Tag once befriended a huge caterpillar, who turned into a huge butterfly.
    • Tag almost didn’t get his Sleeping Badge as he couldn’t get to sleep!

  • Enid

    Duggee’s cat Enid lives in the clubhouse and occasionally joins in with whatever the Squirrels are doing, although she’s just as likely to lie down and sleep, or chase the Naughty Mice.

    Key Facts

    • Enid doesn’t like surprises or cake, but she does like dressing up.
    • Enid is the current champion of the Animal Assault Course.
    • Enid helped the squirrels earn their “We Love Animals” badge… by being stroked!

  • Chew Chew

    A friendly panda, who’s a bit like an auntie to the Squirrels (though she’s not above getting them to run errands for her). She likes bamboo, like all pandas, but not as much as she likes biscuits.

    Key Facts

    • Her catchphrase is “’Ello Sweetlins!”
    • As well as biscuits, Chew Chew also like performing. Her singing voice is…loud.
    • Chew Chew recently married King Tiger. Aw!

  • Stick

    Stick isn’t really a stick at all! He’s a stick insect, who Roly discovered whilst searching for firewood when the Squirrels were trying to earn their Stick Badge.

    Key Facts

    • Stick can make himself look exactly like a stick when he wants to hide. Stick!
    • Stick has a rather catchy song that he likes to sing, which is all about… sticks.
    • Altogether now! Stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, stick, sticky sticky stick stick!

  • Mr and Mr Crab

    Mr and Mr Crab can either be found near the pond, where they try to avoid sheep, or in their luxury beach home. Until the tide comes in!

    Key Facts

    • How to tell them apart? Well, Mr Crab is very talkative, whereas Mr Crab doesn’t say much.
    • Need more? Well, Mr Crab is pink whereas Mr. Crab is orange. Hope that clears things up.
    • Mr and Mr Crab’s first names are John and Nigel.

  • Hennie

    Hennie is an ENORMOUS ostrich! She loves sports of all kinds, and the Squirrels have helped her with her aerobics and tennis practice, among many other fun things.

    Key Facts

    • Hennie’s catchphrase is “Hellloooo… what are yoooou doing?”
    • Hennie is so tall that her train set is made up of real trains
    • Hennie is sometimes scared of very odd things – she was once terrified of kites!

  • King Tiger

    Loved by all, King Tiger lives in a nearby palace, and doesn’t let his royal status get in the way of helping the Squirrels get their latest badge. Blueberry juice for everyone!

    Key Facts

    • King Tiger recently got married, though he was concerned his bride wouldn’t turn up!
    • If you’re lucky enough to go to King Tiger’s palace you might be entertained by belly dancers.
    • Sorry, did I say “belly dancers”? I meant “jelly belly dancers”!

  • Angry Bull

    A very angry bull, who’s always in a state of fury or, at the very least, a mild rage. The tiniest things can set him off, as can all of the big things.

    Key Facts

    • Angry Bull’s catchphrase is “That makes me ANGRY!”
    • Angry Bull’s other catchphrase is “That makes me REALLY ANGRY!”
    • Angry Bull also enjoys chasing people round his field. Until it makes him angry.

  • Ants

    A platoon of well-drilled soldier ants, under the command of General Ant. They are usually on some kind of mission when they encounter the Squirrels.

    Key Facts

    • The ants are very strong, and can even lift the ingredients for a whole picnic!
    • That said, they sometimes forget the ketchup.
    • One of the ants looks very much like action movie star Sylvester Stallone.

  • Chickens

    The chickens live in the hen coop near to the Clubhouse, and lay eggs which Duggee turns into delicious things like omelettes and cakes. Yum!

    Key Facts

    • If the chickens don’t exercise regularly, they can’t lay eggs.
    • They like pecking the ground and laughing at people.
    • The chickens are addicted to a Spanish-language medical soap opera. Starring chickens!

  • Delivery Chipmunk

    Special delivery! Although Delivery Chipmunk has known Duggee and the Squirrels for a long time, he almost never gets their names right.

    Key Facts

    • Among the many things Chipmunk has delivered are a helter skelter, and some envelopes.
    • Chipmunk’s most important delivery was an invitation to King Tiger’s wedding.
    • Chipmunk has called Duggee “Dubadee” and the squirrels “Squiggles”.

  • Cows

    Placid by nature, the cows live in the fields by the clubhouse. Which often means that they end up helping the squirrels to earn a badge!

    Key Facts

    • The cows like to mill around the clubhouse.
    • They like to join in, and have helped the Squirrels get their Shadow and Harvest badges.

  • Duggly

    Duggee’s nephew Duggly is a very tiny baby dog who Duggee occasionally looks after. Duggly’s too small to earn any badges, but that doesn’t stop him and the Squirrels having fun.

    Key Facts

    • Duggly likes frog very much – frog is the only thing that will calm Duggly down!
    • Duggly sometimes makes a smell, and needs Duggee to change his nappy.
    • Duggee doesn’t mind changing Duggly – he does have his puppy badge!

  • Ethel

    A happy elephant who lives near the Clubhouse. Ethel is a very talented elephant and can mould her trunk into all sorts of useful things.

    Key Facts

    • Ethel’s favourite thing is to toot a greeting, using her trunk as a trumpet.
    • Ethel’s trunk also makes her great at inflating paddling pools in record time.
    • Excellent at teamwork, Ethel has helped the squirrels earn many badges.

  • Tino

    Tino the Artistic Mouse is a sensitive artist, who strives for perfection in the visual arts and has no time for anything that interferes with this goal. Or, as Roly puts it, HE’S GRUMPY!

    Key Facts

    • Tino once helped the Squirrels paint the clubhouse! Duggee immediately painted it brown.
    • Tino wears a beret and a stripy T-shirt. Why? Because he’s an artist!
    • Tino helps out whenever the squirrels do something creative – like putting on a play!

  • Eugene

    Leader of the Big Parade. Eugene often has “creative differences” with Tino the Artistic Mouse, who feels every bit as strongly about “The Arts” as Eugene does.

    Key Facts

    • Eugene usually leads the Big Parade, but only if he can find his hat!
    • Eugene gets very flustered if he has to organise anything… which is bad news, as Eugene organises the Big Parade every year!

  • Frog

    Ribbit! Frog lives in the nature pond that Duggee built near the clubhouse, and is often around when the Squirrels are trying to earn their latest badge. Ribbit!

    Key Facts

    • Ribbit! Frog’s catchphrase is “Ribbit”, which he says a lot.
    • Frog does have very long legs, but he keeps them very well hidden.
    • Ribbit! Did we mention he says “Ribbit” a lot?

  • Hedgley

    A cool-sounding hedgehog, Hedgley is often found roaming the woods near the clubhouse. He can be quite poetic when he wants to be.

    Key Facts

    • Hedgley once composed a moving ode to a huge soap bubble, blown by Happy.
    • Hedgley sometimes regrets having spikes – they burst any bubbles that come near him!
    • Duggee and the squirrels are very fond of Hedgeley – but he’s too spiky to hug!

  • Mice

    Whether it’s stealing a cardboard box castle that isn’t theirs, or stranding Enid up a tree, wherever there’s mischief, the mice are nearby. Oh, those naughty mice!

    Key Facts

    • The mice have a car they like to cruise round in, to help their “bad boy” image.
    • Like most mice, the Mice have one big weakness – cheese!
    • The mice like to say “Let’s bounce!” when they have to leave in a hurry.

  • Naughty Monkey

    Naughty Monkey lives in the treetops near the club house. Although he does indeed have a naughty streak, it’s mostly because he’s careless, or doesn’t think ahead.

    Key Facts

    • Naughty Monkey loves bananas, but needs to learn not to throw the skins on the ground!
    • Naughty Monkey also likes a good cry if he’s feeling sorry for himself.
    • Naughty Monkey once took the lead in the play the Squirrels helped to put on.

  • Peggee

    Leader of the Hummingbird Club, Peggee is a wildebeest with her own troupe of children who she helps to earn badges… but they do things very differently to Duggee and the Squirrels!

    Key Facts

    • Peggee is not great at conversation, but she does like biscuits
    • Peggee and Duggee do not share a sense of humour. All of Duggee’s jokes fall flat!
    • No matter their differences, Peggee and Duggee both love their jobs.

  • Penguins

    The posh, rowdy Penguins are a very tight-knit group, and can be found loitering around the clubhouse when the weather’s icy and there are winter activities to be done.

    Key Facts

    • The penguins are excellent at building things from snow.
    • They are very mean to the squirrels about their snowman. Honestly!
    • One of the posh penguins has blonde hair and is called Boris. No idea why.

  • Rabbits

    Cool, man! The Rabbits live in the fields around the clubhouse, and have a relaxed, chilled attitude to life. Unless you accidentally eat their cake, as Happy once did. Not cool, man.

    Key Facts

    • All of the rabbits wear headbands. It’s a cool look, man!
    • The rabbits often help out with the more laid-back activities, such as yoga.
    • Like all rabbits, they love carrots. They even helped to harvest them from the garden!

  • Sheep

    Meeeh! The Sheep live in one of the fields near the clubhouse, and they often accidentally help or hinder the Squirrels to get a particular badge.

    Key Facts

    • The Squirrels once investigated a ghost– but it turned out to be a sheep under a sheet!
    • The sheep don’t always go baa – the squirrels have helped out a sheep with hiccups!
    • There are ten sheep in the flock. Count them! But try not to fall asleep…

  • Fingal

    That’s Lord Fingal to you! Lord Fingal lives in a spooky castle in the mountains near the Clubhouse, but there’s no need to be afraid – Fingal is as friendly as can be.

    Key Facts

    • Lord Fingal’s castle is called Skye Castle. Did that suit of armour just move?!
    • As well as his castle, Lord Fingal also enjoys a train ride.
    • Lord Fingal’s flag is a large bone on a tartan background.

  • Spider

    Spider has lived in many places in the clubhouse – the bookcase, the toy box, the kitchen – but Duggee made sure spider found a safe place to live in the doll’s house attic.

    Key Facts

    • Spider spins very large webs – sometimes across the clubhouse door!
    • Although Norrie was scared of Spider, Spider was pretty scared of Norrie, too.
    • Duggee isn’t at all scared of spider – and even lets him sit on his paw!

  • Whooooo

    Whooooo is an Owl who lives on top of a totem pole in the woods near the clubhouse. He doesn’t say a lot, but that’s probably because he’s deep in thought.

    Key Facts

    • Whooooo’s totem pole is a new one that Duggee carved after the old one fell to bits!
    • Whooooo’s new totem pole shows all of the Squirrels, pulling funny faces.
    • Despite being called “Whooooo”, Whooooo doesn’t say “Whooooo” very much at all.

  • Worm

    Lives underground, as all worms do, but in a flatshare with badger, fox, mole and vole. Likes music and is good at DJing, though his neighbours don’t think so.

    Key Facts

    • Worm can be charmed out of his hole like a snake when Norrie plays the recorder.
    • Worm’s dance parties are attended by dozens of guests (All worms).
    • Worm sometimes likes to wear a purple baseball cap at a jaunty angle. Hey, he’s a DJ!

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