What’s it all about?

Tag has found a book hidden in a tree but can’t open it. Time to find out why from Duggee!

Duggee put the book there a long time ago but can’t remember why. The book is about mythical creatures. The Squirrels discover a wide range of mythical creatures and create lots and lots of their own. But Duggee likes you best as you are Squirrels. Time to close the book and put it away for a very long time!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Tag finds a book in a tree trunk but can’t open it
  • Duggee explains that it was put there a VERY long time ago
  • It’s a mythical creature book!
  • The Squirrels learn about weird and wonderful mythical creatures
  • The Squirrels use their imagination to create their own mythical creatures

I’m going to be half me, half caterpillar!“


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