What’s it all about?

The Squirrels have had an exhausting morning playing. After their milk they can have their nap. Lovely…but Tag can’t sleep!

Don’t worry, Duggee can help, he has his Sleeping Badge. Duggee’s knowledge of wildlife like the Bermuda Bedtime Bee and the Senagalese Slumber Monkey has helped Tag get to sleep. Shhhh!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Squirrels love milk!
  • Roly says he’s not sleepy but falls asleep straight away
  • Betty’s bedtime book is a book of maths problems!
  • We discover Duggee knows lots about wildlife

Once upon a time there was an arithmetic problem.“



Why is sleep important?

Sleep is very important. It is when your body has a chance to rest and prepare for the day ahead. It’s also when you do most of your growing! Getting a good night’s rest is important. You can do this by having a good sleep routine. No screens or devices at least 2 hours before bed. Have a bath, put on your PJs, have a light snack or drink and read a story together. Brush your teeth and snuggle down ready for sweet dreams.


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