What’s it all about?

Betty has shown the Squirrels her superhero comic Power Puppy. Now they all want to become Super Squirrels! To the dressing-up box… there isn’t a moment to lose!

The Squirrels are now ready and feeling super in their Squirrel Squad outfits. Ready with their superhero names, Brilliant Girl, Super Tag, Mega Mouse, Splash and STEPHEN, they head outside to find someone who needs help. Oh no, Little Duck has lost their mummy… Squirrel Squad to the rescue!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Betty is reading her Power Puppy comic
  • The Squirrels decide they want to be super too
  • They come up with their own Super Squirrel names
  • They need someone to need their super help!
  • Time for a Super Squirrel mission!



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