What’s it all about?

Tino the artistic mouse is trying to paint a picture of Duggee but cannot get it right. He is getting more and more frustrated. Seeking perfection is his whole philosophy! What’s philosophy?

Philosophy is a set of rules that you live by. But the rules exist in your head – it’s about how you think, not just what you think about. The Squirrels look to questions asked by famous philosophers of the past and some more familiar friends for inspiration, and soon join in with their own ideas.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Tino the artistic mouse is painting a picture of Duggee
  • Tino’s struggle for perfection inspires Tag
  • Tag decides his philosophy is that he wants to help people – starting with Tino
  • Norrie wants to seek out new horizons
  • Happy’s philosophy is just to be happy

Where are we in the universe?“


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