What’s it all about?

The Squirrels have played with all their toys and they are bored. Luckily, Duggee knows how to use his imagination and shows them there’s limitless fun when you get creative. At first, some of the Squirrels can’t really get the hang of it, but things change once they do.

They all embark on their greatest adventure yet, in the new world they have imagined! Together, they speed through space and float through an underwater world, where Norrie is a rock star and Tag is a king!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Imaginations run wild!
  • Duggee becomes a horse and Happy becomes water
  • The Squirrels go to outer space, rockstar concerts and an underwater world
  • 1 million kittens come to Tag’s castle

I’m imagining… A Banana!“


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