What’s it all about?

The sun is setting and the squirrels are sitting on the sofa, they’ve had a very busy day. Suddenly all the lights go out! POP! Oh dear, there’s been a power cut. The Squirrels can’t see anything!

Thank goodness Duggee has got torches for everyone. Now the Squirrels can make lots of amazing shadow animals with their friends. That was an excellent shadow show Squirrels. You’ve earned your Shadow Badges.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Tag and Roly agree that torches are BRILLIANT!
  • Duggee makes a shadow bird, a shadow dog and a shadow duck
  • Everyone comes to make shadows, including the sheep and chickens

Everything has a shadow if you shine a light on it.“



Perform your own shadow puppet show!

Perform your own shadow puppet show. You’ll need a torch or bright light and blank wall to cast your shadows on. See how many different shaped shadows you can make by with your hands.


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