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The unseen Narrator has a great sense of humour and is very fond of Duggee and the Squirrels. He guides them through their adventures earning badges and learning as they go. He provides a useful commentary for viewers as he understands Duggee’s ‘Ah-woofs’ and is able to translate for the audience. Rumour has it, he is very handsome too but we never see him on screen!!

Sounds like

He’s yet to make a very successful bone marrow souffle and he’s been trying to speak cat for years. “

Narrator, The Difficult Badge


Full name:





No one knows (except Duggee of course)


Squirrel Club Assistant

Meet the voice actor

Alexander Armstrong is an English comedian, actor, television presenter and bass baritone singer. He is best-known as one half of the comedy duo Armstrong and Miller who starred in four series of ARMSTRONG AND MILLER and THE ARMSTRONG AND MILLER SHOW.  He has hosted the BBC series HAVE I GOT NEWS FOR YOU more than 20 times and has co-presented the hugely popular TV quiz show POINTLESS since 2009

Behind the scenes

See Alexander Armstrong in action in this behind the scenes of Duggee’s special Christmas song “Deck the Halls”

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