Let’s find SHEEP!

What’s it all about?

The Clubhouse is overrun with sheep! When Duggee and the Squirrels go out to the sheep’s field to investigate, they discover that the gate is broken. Fortunately, Duggee has his Sheep Badge, and knows exactly what to do, and the Squirrels help him round up the ten troublesome sheep that are on the loose.

This is the episode where:

  1. Edith falls asleep on one of the sheep, thinking it’s a rug.
  2. Duggee dresses up as Little Bo Peep!
  3. We learn that sheep have terrible handwriting.
Isn’t It Time For…?

Isn’t It Time For…?

At the start of the episode, Betty is reading a book about birds before realising it’s time for Squirrel Club.

What did we learn?

  1. Sheep live in fields, and eat grass. Unless they escape from their field, in which case they try and eat Duggee’s wall planner!
  2. Sheep are fun to draw – and you only need a black crayon! See how many sheep you can fit onto one piece of white paper.
Well That Was Fun, Wasn’t It, Duggee?

Well That Was Fun, Wasn’t It, Duggee?

Seven sheep pop out and baa a goodbye, startling Duggee and the narrator!

If you love this one, you’ll most certainly enjoy these episodes:

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  2. The Sleeping Badge


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