What’s it all about?

It’s a busy day at the Clubhouse! The Squirrels are doing everything – reading, drawing, watering plants, running, dancing, making things, splashing in water and more.

The Squirrels are so busy that they’ve tired themselves out. Duggee suggests they have a break and listen to a story with milk and cookies. Good idea, Duggee. The Squirrels find the story a bit boring so they start to make up their own story instead!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Squirrels are busy doing everything!
  • Duggee suggests they all read a story and relax
  • The Squirrels get milk and cookies and settle under a tree
  • The Squirrels find the storybook boring
  • They start to make up their own version!

Ah-woof ah-woof ah-woof!“



Make up your own story!

We all love listening to stories. Why not make up your own story using your imagination. Or how about making up a story together. Gather your friends or family together. Each person takes it in turns to make up a section of the story. What will your story be about? Who are the main characters? Will it have a happy ending? It’s up to your imagination!


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