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Duggee’s Great Grandmama was a famous intrepid explorer who had many wonderful adventures. She spent her life in search of the elusive Snard but never managed to get photographic evidence of her sighting due to a small case of the snuffles.

Adventures, snard-spotting, exploring, journaling

Sounds like

My message to future snard-spotters is BE QUIET“

Duggee’s Great Grandmama, The Being Quiet Badge


Full name:

Duggee’s Great Grandmama




Famous explorer

Related characters:

Duggee, Duggee’s Mum, Duggly

Duggee’s Great Grandmama’s episode

Duggee is reading his Great Grandmama’s journal. She was a famous explorer who had many great adventures. She once spotted a very rare and shy creature called a Snard. Her tip is to be very quiet in pursuit of the Snard. And to pack some pineapple bread.

S3 E1 The Being Quiet Badge

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