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Chickens live in the hen house and enjoy watching episodes of a Spanish soap opera set in a hospital. They often get involved in what the Squirrels are up to, especially when there’s a trip to the beach involved.

TV, popcorn, lounging, surfing, dancing, Agony & Eggstacy (Spanish hospital drama)

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Hen house in the Clubhouse grounds


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Little Egg

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The Chickens LOVE watching their favourite Spanish hospital soap opera called The Agony & Eggstacy

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Meet the voice actor

Phillip Warner voices lots of Duggee characters including Chickens, Naughty Monkey, King Tiger and Ladybird.

Phill has been part of Hey Duggee since the very beginning and as Story Artist and Previsualisation, he has storyboarded almost every episode of Hey Duggee!

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