Note: Grown-ups must be present to help with preparation



  1. Prepare the salad vegetables – drain and rinse the sweetcorn, grate one of the carrots, wash and finely shred the lettuce. 
  2. Layer the prepared vegetables in muffin cups, starting with the sweetcorn, then grated carrot and finally the lettuce. 
  3. Cut round slices from the cucumber – 1 for each salad.  
  4. Cut the same number of thin rounds from the carrot, then use a small round cutter to shape them into ovals. 
  5. Cut small circles from the cheese for the eyes. 
  6. Cut strips of skin from the remaining cucumber, then use cutters to cut tiny circles for the pupils, small ovals for the noses and tiny half-moon shapes for the mouths. 
  7. Assemble a Duggee face on top of each round cucumber slice, then pop one cucumber Duggee on top of each salad portion. 
  8. Serve immediately.