What’s it all about?

Why are the Squirrels rushing around? They need a lesson from Duggee on how to go slow and take it easy.

The Squirrels learn to see more, hear more and feel more when they go slow. But wait, Tortoise needs to get to the hospital fast because his wife is having babies. Time to speed up again Squirrels and get him there on time! They make it on time. Hooray!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Squirrels are learning to slow down and take more in
  • Mrs Tortoise is about to have her babies!
  • The Squirrels and Tortoise take 7 different modes of transport to get to the hospital
  • There is a bear in the hospital with an injury
  • Mr and Mrs Tortoise have 10 babies!

Going slow gives you the opportunity to see more.“


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