Things you will need to make Hippee Flowers:

Note: Make sure you have a grown up with you to help with scissors and small pieces.

Step 1. Flower

To make the flowers ask an adult to help cut 3 pieces of tissue paper 8 x 16 cms.  Lay them on top of each other and fold them in a concertina fashion. To do this, fold 1.5 cms from one end, turn the pieces over and fold 1.5 cms.  Continue to turn the pieces over and fold in one direction and then the other. You should be able to make about 7 folds.

Step 2.  Hold the folded strip of tissue and ask an adult to staple into the middle of the strip and then round off both ends of the folded tissue with scissors.

Step 3.  Fan out the folds.  Separate each layer and fluff out the petals. It is a bit tricky but take your time and try not to tear the tissue too much. When you have separated the three layers, your flower is complete. Make some more flowers in different colours – you will need at least 3 for the headband and 1 for the wristband.

Step 4.  Headband

Cut two 1.5 cms strips from a sheet of craft foam. Overlap one end from each strip and glue together.  Cut the band to fit around your head leaving an extra 2 cms on each side.  Overlap these and secure with glue. Cover the joins with sticky tape.  Glue one of the flowers on the join and then the others each side and leave to dry. 

Step 5. Wristband

Cut a 1.5 cm strip from a sheet of craft foam long enough to fit loosely around your wrist adding an extra 2 cms. Overlap the ends and glue them together. Wind a piece of sticky tape around the join. Dab some glue over the join and glue on a flower. Leave to dry. Have a Hippee Festival!