What’s it all about?

Oh dear. Tag has stumbled on some toy blocks and hurt his knee. How can the Squirrels make him feel better?

Happy’s mum always says laughter is the best medicine. But how will they make Tag laugh? Ah-woof… maybe Duggee can help, he does have his Comedy Badge! But different people find different things funny.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • According to Duggee, it is believed that one of the first recorded jokes originated in Ancient Egypt
  • Stanley Squeak was was one of the classics of silent cinema
  • Roly’s favourite show is Busy Bears
  • Happy’s mum won’t have potatoes in the house!

I thought comedy was supposed to be funny.“



Can you tell a joke?

The art of comedy is making people laugh. See if you can come up with some funny jokes to make friends and family laugh. The sillier the better!


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