Picture Shows: Duggee presents the Squirrels with their Comedy badge.

Have your little Squirrels earned their Comedy Badge? Get ready to laugh out loud with a whole list of Hey Duggee jokes submitted by fans!

What’s black and white, black and white, black and white?”

Answer: A Penguin Rolling Down a Hill


What’s the Squirrels’ favourite cake?

Answer: Jam Roly-Poly!

Why did the chicken cross the road?”

Answer: To get home in time to watch ‘The Agony and Eggstacy’

What’s brown and sticky?

Answer: Sticky Sticky Stick Stick!


What’s Norrie’s Favourite Sport?”

Answer: Mouse-ketball!

What movies do chickens like?

Answer: Chick Flicks

What’s Enid’s Favourite colour?”

Answer: Purr-ple

Why can’t eggs tell jokes?”

Answer: They crack each other up!