What’s it all about?

Phileas Frog and Flea, are about to start their expedition around the world. But oh no! They forgot Pippin, their potted plant! The Squirrels will have to take care of it until they return.

How will the Squirrels look after the plant? Don’t worry, Duggee has his Looking After Badge. Pippin needs sunlight and to be kept warm in the winter until she blooms. But the smell of her flower isn’t to everyone’s liking.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The postman delivers postcards to the Square Wheels, Squizzies, Squazzles, Squeezies and finally the Squiryels
  • Phileas Frog and Flea visit The Snow Cone Mountains, The Hungry Rainforest, The Great Beige Desert, Jigsaw Ridge, The Polka Dot Pine Trees and Wild Waterfall
  • Their plant is named Pippin

It’s going to be oooookay.“


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