What’s it all about?

Duggee is blowing some fantastic bubbles with his bubble mixture. Now the Squirrels want to have a go too.

It’s hard to do but the Squirrels get the hang of it eventually. Poor old Happy just can’t get the hang of it, until he comes up with an idea, one that will see him make the biggest bubble ever! Just watch out for prickly old Hedgley!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Wow! Duggee is blowing big bubbles!
    Duggee teaches the Squirrels how to blow bubbles
  • Happy can’t quite get the hang of it
  • Watch out for Hedgley the hedgehog and his prickles!

Now that’s a big bubble“



Earn your Bubble Badge!

Make your own bubble mixture at home using water, a drop of dish washing up liquid and a drop of glycerine. Get a grown-up to help. Use different sized bubble wands, household items such as sieves and loops made of string to create bubbles of all different sizes.


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