What’s it all about?

Duggee’s practicing his crazy golf. It’s a game Duggee plays with his pals once a year. The Squirrels want to play too. But how do you play crazy golf?

You have to hit a ball with a stick into a hole by going over, under, or through lots of crazy things. The Squirrels have come up with some ideas for holes. Time for the inaugural Squirrel Club Crazy Golf Championships! Ultimate prize – a round of milkshakes!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Squirrels make their own crazy golf courses
  • Norrie’s course is called crazy creatures
  • The worms stop some of the golf balls from going in the holes
  • Betty’s course includes a hadron washing machine and a molecular microscope!

It’s all or nothing, one hole, one shot. One last chance for milkshakes!“


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