Tips for planning a Hey Duggee party

Want to throw your Squirrel a Hey Duggee party: here are Duggee’s favourite free crafts, bakes and activities to do!


Print out these Hey Duggee party invites to send to your friends. They’ll love seeing Duggee and the Squirrels on the invitation to get them in the mood.


Jazz up your house by printing out our Hey Duggee bunting and decorate using balloons in the Hey Duggee colours of blue, green, red, orange and yellow. If you’ve got some purple balloons, have a go at making Betty from them.


Here are a range of delicious recipes to give your party a special Duggee touch. Follow the simple to use step-by-step instructions and you will soon have a feast to share round.

For the main event, bake this Duggee train celebration cake.

Duggee train celebration cake.

Or you can delight the guests with some cupcakes. Choose from the selection of Duggee designs:

You can even make some Duggee jam tarts, Duggee biscuits or Roly and Tag cake pops .


It’s time to play some games with all the little Squirrels who have come to the party. Here are some suggestions on how to have some Duggee-style fun.

Duggee boat race

Play this nautical themed racing game with your Hey Duggee sail boats.

Hey Duggee sail boats
  1. Half fill a large rectangular washing up bowl with water.
  2. Assign each player a boat and line the boats up at one end of the washing-up bowl.
  3. Players aren’t allowed to use their hands to steer the boat. The aim of the game is to sail the boat to the other end of the washing up by blowing the sail.
  4. The player who gets to the other side in the shortest time wins!
  5. You can make it more challenging by adding obstacles such as floating plastic bottle tops or even some bubble bath to the water!

Duggee Says

  1. Inspired by the game Simon says, someone needs to be appointed as Duggee – it could be a grown-up.
  2. It is Duggee’s job to tell the players (the Squirrels) what to do.
  3. If the person being Duggee says “Duggee says put your hands on your head” the children do it. If they simply say “Put your hands on your head” they shouldn’t do it.
  4. Anyone who does the instruction without hearing ‘Duggee says’ at the start is out.
  5. Keep going until only one child is left – they are the winner.

Pass the parcel

  1. Wrap a small gift such as one of our Hey Duggee toys.
  2. Add enough layers of wrapping so that there is at least one for each child attending the party.
  3. Pass the parcel in time with the music and when the music stops, the child holding the parcel unwraps a layer.

get crafty

Everybody loves Chew Chew the Panda. Squirrels can make this simple Chew Chew mask at the party. Or if they prefer, they can make some wooden spoon puppets. You might want to prepare the spoons by painting the base colour first so that this is already dry for your guests to decorate when they come.

Home Time!

Send everyone home with their own Hey Duggee party bag – you can give them some cake or even a Hey Duggee sticker book as a going home present. They can make their own bags during the party as an activity or you can make them in advance and fill them with Duggee gift boxes filled with treats.

Party bags

Make sure there are plenty of Duggee hugs when the Squirrels say goodbye!