Things you will need:

Step 1.   Ask an adult to help cut strips of wrapping paper 20cms wide. 

Step 2.   Make folds every 8cms along the paper in a concertina fashion.  To do this, fold 8cms from one end, turn the paper over and fold 8cms.  Continue to turn the paper over and fold in one direction and then the other.

Step 3:   Keeping the paper folded, ask an adult to cut from one corner to the opposite diagonal corner.  There will probably be extra pieces of paper at the ends that can be discarded.  Keeping the triangles folded, make a hole with the hole punch 4cms from the folded edge and 2cms from the straight edge.

Step 4:   Open out the pieces and you will have some bunting ready to hang.  If the triangles are a bit curly, you could leave them for a while under a heavy book to flatten.  Make more triangles in different wrapping paper.

Step 5:   If you want to decorate the bunting, download the page of Hey Duggee characters, roughly cut them out, and glue them to the triangles.

Step 6:   Thread the string or ribbon through the holes in the paper triangles leaving a small space between each one.  The bunting is now ready to decorate your garden or picnic area.  

Download the characters!