What’s it all about?

Gerby the snake is on holiday and would like to see all the beautiful sights. Duggee can help, he does have his Tour Guide Badge!

There is so much to see, from the carrot museum, to the big fruit tree. But Gerby would rather see what real life is like and how the Squirrels spend their day so the squirrels take Gerby on a tour of the Clubhouse, while Duggee tries to keep up!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The green and orange grass turns out to be Gerby the Snake
  • A tour guide shows a visitor all the interesting places there are to see
  • Roly shows Gerby his odd sock collection and squeaky floorboards
  • Happy shows him the tap

What an unbelievable tour! I feel like I really know this place now. Ja?“


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