What’s it all about?

Ding Dong – there’s somebody at the door. It’s Delivery Chipmunk with a parcel for Duggee, but why is it wrapped up like a present?

Maybe it’s Duggee’s birthday! The Squirrels decide they should have a party, but they will have to keep it a secret as it’s a very BIG surprise. Oh it turns out it’s not Duggee’s birthday afterall. Nevermind. The Squirrels can still have a party!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Roly tells Duggee they’re not throwing him a party
  • Enid, Frog, Sheep, the Hippy Rabbits and the Chickens are invited to Duggee’s party
  • They decorate Duggee’s cake with custard, spaghetti and sprinkles
  • Roly blows up lots of balloons

More Balloons!“


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