What’s it all about?

Tino the artistic mouse is in town for an art show he is putting on, and anyone can enter! The Squirrels are excited but need some inspiration.

Inspiration is anything that gives you an idea, and you can find it in lots of different places. You can be inspired by your senses, your friends or even yourself. Hooray! The Squirrels have managed to submit their artwork in time for Tino’s woodland biennale and earned their Art Badges. Bravo Squirrels!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Squirrels are entering Tino’s art show
  • Roly takes inspiration from his passion for potatoes and makes a potato out of a rock
  • Norrie takes inspiration from nature and makes a collage
  • The Squirrels learn that art can be realistic, abstract, neat or messy

Anyone can enter, as long as it’s art that has PASSION! Art that speaks to me, art that comes from the heart.“


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