What’s it all about?

It’s a beautiful day, and the Squirrels are learning to make sandcastles on the beach.

Meanwhile John and Nigel Crab are looking for a new place to live. The Squirrels’ sandcastle is so impressive that Mr and Mr Crab ask them to build them a new home. Such quality work!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • We meet John and Nigel Crab
  • Enid is scared of the sea
  • The chickens go surfing!
  • Roly likes digging!
  • Duggee pulls Enid, Frog and the chickens along in a carriage behind him to the beach

It would be a great honour if you would consider making us a little sand-maison“

John Crab


How do you make a sandcastle?

To make sandcastles, you need a bucket and spade. Pour wet sand into the bucket, pat it down, turn your bucket upside down… and lift! Beaches aren’t the only places you can build sandcastles! You can build them in a nearby park – if they have a sandpit! What can you find to decorate your sandcastle with?


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