You will need:


  1. Paint the top half of your pebble in brown (we used Burnt Sienna)
  1. Paint the bottom half of your pebble in mustard yellow
  1. Once the paint is dry, paint a narrow yellow band of paint on top of the line where the brown and yellow sections join, to make Duggee’s ‘scarf’. You can paint freehand or, if you want to be super-accurate, apply two parallel strips of masking tape to act as a guide and paint over the gap.
  1. Paint a band down the front to form the bottom of Duggee’s ‘scarf’
  1. Once dry, you can start to paint Duggee’s face. We’ll start with the mouth. Use a pencil to draw the outline. To show Duggee with his mouth closed, simply draw a kidney shape. If you want to show him with his mouth open, draw a semi-circle with rounded edges.
  1. Now, paint your mouth shape in a brownish salmon colour.
  1. Once the mouth shape is dry, you can paint on the details. For the ‘mouth closed’ smile, simply paint a short curved line to the left side of the kidney shape.
  1. For the ‘mouth open’ smile, paint a small bright pink section as shown…you want to paint parallel to the edge of the mouth shape, and fill in the bottom section as shown.
  1. When that layer is dry, paint in the rest of the mouth cavity, using a burgundy/brown colour. You need to paint parallel to the semi-circle shape and paint over the bright pink area to make Duggee’s tongue.
  1. When Duggee is excited, you can see the whites of his eyes! Paint two circles above the mouth, joining at the edge (so they almost form an ‘8’ shape)
  1. When the white paint has dried, apply a very small black dot of paint to the middle of each white circle.
  1. Another option is to paint two very small oval shapes above the mouth as shown:
  1. Finish off Duggee by painting a black oval shape below the eyes. On the ‘excited’ version where Duggee is smiling with his mouth open, the nose is actually on top of the mouth. On the version where he has his mouth closed, it’s just above the kidney shape you started off with.
  1. FINALLY: Paint a small blue rectangle on Duggee’s scarf…

That’s it! You’ve got your Duggee pebbles!

Write #HeyDuggeeRock on the back of your rock and then share your pictures on social media with #HeyDuggeeRock so we can see all your wonderful rock creations! AH-WOOF! 🐾