isn’t it time for…

Also known as Lord Fingal of Skye Castle. That’s Lord Fingal to you! Lord Fingal lives in a spooky castle in the mountains near the Clubhouse, but there’s no need to be afraid – Lord Fingal is as friendly as can be.

Beautiful views, castles, train rides, bones, cleanliness

Mess, being locked in

Sounds like

Hello! I’m so glad you found me!“

Lord Fingal, The Castle Badge


Full name:

Lord Fingal


Dog (Scottish Terrier)


Skye Castle


Lord of Skye Castle


Naughty Mice (nemesis)

Meet the voiceover artist

Adam loves being a part of the Hey Duggee family. “It’s the greatest show in the World to be part of! I love playing so many of the Squirrels’ friends. Could I pick a favourite? Nope. Everyone has their own unique personality and joy, although singing as Tino is ace!”
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