What’s it all about?

Duggee and the Squirrels are doing some drawing – outside! When a sudden fog descends, and a strange voice is heard, the Squirrels decide to go off and investigate, and soon stumble on a magnificent old castle. There’s spooky goings-on all about – but might all the scary stuff be down to some very familiar troublemakers?

This is the episode where:

  1. We first meet Lord Fingal of Sky Castle!
  2. The Naughty Mice excel themselves, by scaring the Squirrels into a Scooby Doo-style chase!
  3. Lord Fingal claims that you can see “the whole world” from the top of the castle.
Isn’t It Time For…?

Isn’t It Time For…?

At the start of the episode, Happy is watching his goldfish, when he realises it’s time for Squirrel club.

What did we learn?

  1. A castle is a large, old building made of stone, filled with lots of old things like suits of armour!
  2. The Squirrels draw castle pictures in this episode. Why not draw your own castle? Remember to include lots of turrets and towers!
Well That Was Fun, Wasn’t It, Duggee?

Well That Was Fun, Wasn’t It, Duggee?

Duggee and Lord Fingal, both wearing kilts, do a Highland fling!

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