What’s it all about?

When the Squirrels search for Enid, they are surprised to hear her meow from the top of the Mighty Sugar Bun Mountain. Squirrels to the rescue!

The Squirrels prepare for the climb to rescue Enid, but first Duggee teaches them what they need to pack in their backpacks for a successful trip. The team walk through rocky terrain, grey skies, plentiful rain and snow blizzards but keep morale high as they learn how phrasing negative thoughts into helpful ones will let them overcome any challenges along the way. When they find themselves at the top of the mountain, they all give Enid a big hug.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • The Squirrels must rescue Enid from the top of the Mighty Sugar Bun Mountain
  • The Squirrels encounter a few challenges along the way
  • The Squirrels finally reach the top and rescue Enid. Yay!

That’s the Mighty Sugar Bun – the highest mountain around!“


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