Pancakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yes please! Here are Duggee and the Squirrels’ favourite pancake recipes for a fantastic pancake day.

1. Happy’s Breakfast Pancakes

Happy just loves pancakes. Check out his classic pancake recipe! You can serve them up sweet or savoury according to your Squirrel’s taste. Happy likes them with strawberries, syrup and a large glass of water. How will your Squirrel have theirs?

Get the recipe below!

2. Pancake Cereal

These cute miniature pancakes can be eaten on their own or covered with milk for a scrummy brekkie. They also make a great snack drizzled with honey and some chopped fruit too.

Have a go below!

3. ultimate Duggee Pancake

Make your Pancake Day batter than all the rest! This Duggee pancake with a fruity face and syrupy drizzle won’t take long for Squirrels to polish off.


4. Frog Pancakes

Ribbit! These fluffy frog pancakes are guaranteed to hop off Squirrels’ plates and into hungry tummies – pronto!

Sizzle and serve with the instructions below.

Don’t forget to share your pancake creations by tagging @HeyDuggee on socials or sending photos by direct message! We can’t wait to see them.