The hippy rabbits catch a handful of carrots

Squirrels will love these carrot and rabbit-related crafts. Which one will your Squirrel choose first?


Carrot cupcakes!

Isn’t it time for something sweet? These nut-free mini carrot cupcakes are a great way to sneak some veg into your Squirrel’s packed lunch. Flavoured with cinnamon and raisins and decorated with fondant icing leaves, they taste amazing too!

Bunny boxes

Cool maaan! Make these clever Clubhouse boxes to store trinkets, treasures and snacks. Simply download the template, cut, colour and glue.

Cool crochet

Get the lowdown on how to make this awesome Rabbit crochet cuddly toy. The instructions contain all the information you need, from which yarn to use, to how to assemble. Yay!

Crunchy carrot snacks

Crafting is hungry work. These fun-to-make leaf snack salads made with cucumber, cheese and of course carrots make a healthy and nutritious treat for busy Squirrels.

carrot and cucumber Duggee faces

Let’s face it, these cute Duggee snacks will quickly disappear off the plate and into Squirrels’ hungry tummies. Crunchy and tasty! Get the recipe below.


Why save these for Easter? They’re just too good to have once a year, they make a delicious sweet treat all year round.

Fun to make and even more fun to eat! Have a go 🐰🍫

Spring snacking

So pretty and super tasty! This yummy flower egg with carrot garnish is just the thing for little hands to get stuck into after a day of fun and adventures.


Download the template to make your very own Hey Duggee Carrot Glasses. They come in two sizes, kids and adults, so everyone can wear them! Best part is, you can rock the originals or glitz them up, however you like! From pipe cleaners to pom poms, every pair will be amazing!

Remember to share photos of your carrot and rabbit crafts and creations by tagging @HeyDuggee on socials or sending photos by direct message. Enjoy!