What’s it all about?

King Tiger interrupts the Squirrels’ quiet time when he turns up to the Clubhouse with a magic hat on instead of his crown. The Squirrels are amazed by what it can do…

King Tiger puts on a magic show for the Squirrels using his hat to make things appear and disappear to the Squirrels’ enthusiastic requests. The magic hat creates things from small to big, from mice to an elephant. The Squirrels are amazed, and the show is going well until the elephant lands on the hat, breaking it! King Tiger is devastated. The Squirrels take King Tiger to Duggee’s large collection of hats and introduce him to all the options and what they can help him become. But none of them feels right to him. King Tiger soon learns that the best hat was the one that he had after all – his crown.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • King Tiger introduces his alter ego, The Fabulous Furball
  • His magic hat can do amazing things, but it can’t withstand Ethel’s weight
  • The Squirrels learn how hats can feed your imagination (and ego)
  • Happy’s yellow teddy can talk

With my magical hat… I can make things…. appear! BaZZOOOM!“

King Tiger

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