The Squirrels carry acorns to Duggee to get their Acorn Badges

Get Your acorn Badge!

Hmmm….that thing on the ground there, among the leaves… Is it a little hat for a little ant? Is it an eggcup for a little ant? Or a little trophy for a little ant?

I don’t think so!

If you plant an acorn it will grow into a sturdy and strong oak tree that will grow new acorns! Can you imagine you’re a tiny acorn and grow into a big oak tree? Print up our activity sheets and join in the fun…and cut out your own acorn decorations!

Download the Acorn Badge Activity Sheet

Cut out your own tree from our printable and decorate it with paper acorns!

Extra points go to those Squirrels who can tell us when leaves fall from the trees! If you get stuck then watch the Acorn Badge to get the answer!