Thora: “These so-called farmers markets…” Agnes: “…are so expensive these days!”

What’s it all about?

It’s autumn! The Squirrels play among the autumn leaves – but as they do, Roly finds a strange thing. Duggee explains that it’s an acorn – the seed from which an enormous oak tree will grow, and produce more acorns! When the squirrels discover that animals eat acorns, they set about collecting as many as they can.

This is the episode where:

  1. Norrie thinks the acorn might be a little hat – for an ant!
  2. Happy thinks the acorn might be a little eggcup – for an ant!
  3. Betty thinks the acorn might be a little trophy – for an ant!
Isn't it time for...?

Isn’t it time for…?

At the start of the episode, Roly is playing with a windmill, when he realises it’s time for Squirrel Club.

What did we learn?

  1. Acorns are tiny, but they don’t stay that way! They grow up to be enormous oak trees!
  2. Oak trees are very common. Is there one near you? Whatever time of year it is, the oak tree will be ready for it. If you visit during autumn, you can collect your own acorns!
Well that was fun, wasn't it, Duggee?

Well that was fun, wasn’t it, Duggee?

A squirrel pops out of a pile of leaves, and says “sweet as a nut!”, surprising Duggee.

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  2. The Leaf Badge


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