Ah-Woof, VERY exciting news!

New features have landed on the Hey Duggee website. Explore your favourite episodes on the episode pages, where you will find quotes, best bits and more! Get to know all the characters on their very own pages, from Duggee, all the way to the Ants! You can even find related crafts and activities for episodes and characters to get stuck into at home with your Squirrel.

Endless entertainment awaits for Hey Duggee fans.

Amazing Episode guides

Every episode of Hey Duggee now has its very own dedicated page, containing a plot summary (don’t worry, the spoilers are hidden!) and special features like fun facts about the episodes, cast information and memorable quotes!

Which episode will you explore first?

Cool character pages

Get all the fun facts on all your favourite characters with our brand-new character pages. Whether you want to know more about Duggee and the Squirrels, or friends like King Tiger and Nigel Crab, we’ve collected the ultimate fact files for you.

Discover each character’s likes and dislikes, read some of their most famous quotes and read about the voice actors who play the characters. There’s so much to explore!

Don’t forget, the website also HAS Groovy games…

Earn your Art Badge by clicking and colouring in your favourite characters, or create your very own masterpiece from scratch. Not in the mood for colouring? Help the Squirrels rescue the fruit and make jam with Duggee in The Jam Game!

…AND makes AND bakes

Colouring pencils and aprons at the ready! Duggee has a huge selection of fun, seasonal and creative makes and bakes to get stuck into with your Squirrels. From yummy cupcakes and healthy salad snacks, to eco-friendly recycled craft ideas, there’s plenty of inspiration to choose from.

Ah-woof! 🧡 🐾