What’s it all about?

The Squirrels are excited. They’re going to a black-and-white gala at King Tiger’s house. Wow! King Tiger’s party crown is impressive with it’s giant red ruby. The Squirrels mingle with fellow guests but get a suspiciously lukewarm response. Oh no! King Tiger’s ruby has gone missing.

The Squirrels must gather everyone together to examine the evidence and narrow down the list of potential culprits. But wait, the ruby is in the trifle. It must have flown out of his crown when he sneezed. Trifle all round!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Duggee teaches the Squirrels the rules of party etiquette:
    Find a friendly group
    Compliment someone on their outfit
    Talk about your interests
    Talk about the food
    Tell witty anecdotes
  • Duggee and the Squirrels learn to be detectives
  • Everyone is dressed in black and white!

I say, Squirrels! Don’t you all look marvelously monochrome!“

King Tiger

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