What’s it all about?

The Squirrels discover that birds don’t just fly – they can also slide, run and lay eggs! What else can the Squirrels discover? They set off to find out more, using Duggee’s five easy rules for enjoying nature: watch carefully, stay at a distance, don’t interfere, be patient and alert, and stay quiet.

Betty finds out that cows eat grass (and don’t do much else), Tag meets one of nature’s tiniest animals and Norrie learns how to spot an animal’s disguise (better known as camouflage!).

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Happy finds out that even the biggest animals in the world need a cuddle
  • Roly discovers bears don’t like to be woken up during winter
  • Betty meets satin bowerbirds who dance together
  • All the Squirrels decide they love nature

Nature is everywhere you look. It’s beauty can be found in the skies, the rivers, on the highest mountain tops or the densest jungles.“


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