What’s it all about?

Duggee has written a list of activities for the Squirrels to do. Oh no! Duggee has misplaced the piece of paper! What will they do?

The Squirrels offer to help find it but first they must learn what a list is. The Squirrels think that they can recreate Duggee’s list so they begin to suggest activities but these end up just being what they want to do. Only when they’ve finished their list do they realise where Duggee’s list was all along… and they’ve been helping him tick his list off without knowing!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Lord Fingal checks off a list of the things he needs to do around the house, like topping up the moat
  • Buggee reveals that she wants to win gold at the harpsichord world championships
  • The Hippy Rabbits have a shopping list full of different types of carrot

4 large carrots, 10 baby carrots, 2 redland carrots, a bag of nobbly carrots, a Wanganui giant carrot, a dozen purple carrots, whatever chantenay carrots they have and carrot soup!“

Hippy Rabbits

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