What’s it all about?

It is a rainy day in the Clubhouse. The perfect day for a board game. Duggee introduces the Squirrels to one of his favourites, but it might be just a little bit too complex for them…

Duggee is teaching the Squirrels how to play Planet Zap. The rules are very complicated. Will the Squirrels be able to follow the rules? Yes of course they can. Looks like the Squirrels have beaten Duggee at his own game! Well done Squirrels, you’ve earned your Board Game Badge!

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Bad weather keeps the squirrels inside
  • Duggee teaches them his favourite, extremely complex board game, Planet Zap
  • The Squirrels assume the roles of game characters
  • They use their own unique powers to overcome space aliens and team up together to win

So we can remove the power orb from the Cave of Halloumi!“


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