What’s it all about?

Yay! It’s bring your grandparents to Squirrel Club day. Duggee has his Grandparents Badge so he will know what they will like…or does he?

Hmm, these grandparents seem a bit more lively than Duggee was expecting! They have some great show & tell stories to share! Oh no! Norrie’s ship in a bottle has broken. Don’t worry Squirrels. The grandparents can fix it.

This Is The Episode Where…

  • Tag’s Grandma arrives at the Clubhouse by parachute!
  • Norrie’s Gran arrives on a motor bike
  • Duggee thinks grandparents like peace, quiet and a nice cup of tea
  • Happy’s Gran is an artist!

Nobody likes a show-off Betty.“

Admiral Grandad

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