Isn’t it time for…

Soldier Ants are a disciplined and determined bunch always ready for action. These tiny but mighty insects march proudly under the leadership of their brave captain Sergeant Ant.

Sergeant Ant is very small, but very bossy and very loud. He always wants perfection and knows how to get his ant troops in line!

With their strong teamwork and unwavering loyalty, they tackle challenges head-on, whether it’s building bridges or crossing puddles.

Rapid response, picnics, BBQs, order, discipline, paper boats

Sounds like

This is a restricted area“

Soldier Ants, The Detective Badge


Full name:

Sergeant Ant and Soldier Ants




Ant Army




Alter Ego

Meet the voiceover artist

Adam loves being a part of the Hey Duggee family. “It’s the greatest show in the World to be part of! I love playing so many of the Squirrels’ friends. Could I pick a favourite? Nope. Everyone has their own unique personality and joy, although singing as Tino is ace!”
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